Friday, December 3, 2010

victory rolls

Those were my two pieces that got into the show. A swell show and a really interesting venue place. It was raining that night and with my friends in a cab we got lost. It's ironic the place is at a dead end and it's called "goforaloop" hyuck hyuck we sure did. I didn't sell anything but it was really nice to see some old faces that came to show support. I hope to get into s'more serious shows where more of my pieces can get in. The ones that are mine is the smallest one in the middle (the aquatint etching of the williamsburg bridge I posted in my last entry) and this old scratchboard piece

I left a bit early to go see Simian Mobile disco, who I will say, were AMAZING! I danced my hoo-ha off. So I didn't get any pictures taken of me during my gallery show but here's one with me and couple friends outside of the Mezznanine. Wish I had a picture of my outfit without my coat. It sure was cute :3
Also I put my hair in victory rolls but you cannot tell. Sorry I can't seperate my art from being a girl in my blog sometimes