Friday, December 3, 2010

victory rolls

Those were my two pieces that got into the show. A swell show and a really interesting venue place. It was raining that night and with my friends in a cab we got lost. It's ironic the place is at a dead end and it's called "goforaloop" hyuck hyuck we sure did. I didn't sell anything but it was really nice to see some old faces that came to show support. I hope to get into s'more serious shows where more of my pieces can get in. The ones that are mine is the smallest one in the middle (the aquatint etching of the williamsburg bridge I posted in my last entry) and this old scratchboard piece

I left a bit early to go see Simian Mobile disco, who I will say, were AMAZING! I danced my hoo-ha off. So I didn't get any pictures taken of me during my gallery show but here's one with me and couple friends outside of the Mezznanine. Wish I had a picture of my outfit without my coat. It sure was cute :3
Also I put my hair in victory rolls but you cannot tell. Sorry I can't seperate my art from being a girl in my blog sometimes

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freedminds show!
A few of my pieces will be featuring in the Freedminds show this Friday with a bunch of other local artists. It's gonna be quite the party I know it. Anyone in the bay area reading this should definitely come.

Here's a scratchboard piece I did this semester in printmaking that will be in it and will be for sale.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Like A Virgin

For this painting I did Spring semester for Clothed Figure painting class I took pictures of my v v v fashionable friend Danielle. I look forward to seeing her just to know what she's wearing (AND BECAUSE I LIKE HER DUH). She dresses with the same sass (and amount of accesories) as Madonna on a regular day basis. Gawrsh I wonder what she's wearing now......... BUT I DIGRESS! This is her Madonna Halloween costume. So here's the photoshoot for that painting I've been meanin' to post


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pages from my tangible journal

I scanned a few things from my moleskin of this past year. It's not an art moleskin more of "I HAVE TO JOT THIS DOWN RIGHT NOW" and a million to do lists. So many of them and so little room I had to start putting tracing paper over it. So nothing to aesthetically pleasing. Here are a couple that aren't embarrassing to show imo
The "whatever dude" drawing was copied from a piece that was shown in my ancient art history class. I thought it was funny that there was one girl looking away from the royal ceremony not giving a whoo ha.
one lousy sketch for my halloween costume of Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro


Thursday, May 13, 2010

I should be thinking about gach zalifianakis

Ah you can see the look of fierce regret in his choice of pose.
This is my favorite model of all time. He has the body of a god and a color of hair of a god. I mean, white, so old people. But I can't help that he's some mystical creature made up by the greeks or geeks, or something like Steve Martin.

I entered a few things in the Spring show at my school. Hopefully I get in. The last piece is the first time painting oil on gesso'ed flat board. AND I FANCY IT HELLA. That's me friend who models at my school. She's also the first gal in the charcoal drawrin'.

Welcome to my humble lil room. My toaster oven, knick knacks and peanut butter take up my desk space. I'll have to say farewell to my luxurious end of the bed workspace soon.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and here's my face lyin' next to a quick study I may show ya later. Maybe if the final piece is snazzy I'll show ya that too. Right now I should really be working on an essay... luckily I go to an art school and convinced my teacher I could write about Zach Galifianakis.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These are from my clothed figure painting classes. I've been slowly tidying up my flickr account (aka my portfolio) of all the bologna and stuff that really doesn't reflect what I want to do with my art. But I'm such a pact rat! Still life is so boring but I can't get myself to delete them yet. Maybe I'll make a seperate flickr that's attached to my website or something.

Anyways, my computer is in the intensive care unit at the mac doctor's. Hopefully he'll make it through. Because boy oh boy I was foolish and have not backed anything up on a hard drive. I knew eveeentually my computer would croak on me. Seeing how I could only spell words like onion and the desktop looks like my room. BUT ANYWAY, I mentioned the mac doctor because one of the genius's, I showed him my work and he said I should really try and get into this certain gallery SF Heist. So I really think I will. I mean whyyyyy not. The worst they could say is no. And maybe if this guy thought highly of me to recommend me going there, maybe I really do have a shot. OR MAYBE HE'S A BIG OLD SCHMOOZY LADY CHARMER whoooooo knoooooows.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Found a pen study for an illustration class. It's a darn shame a couple of them were so small but it was quick and fun.

Also I did this inneresting thing I found on the innerwebs. Where you write a journal of 750 words and it analyzes your mood your primary thoughts and your time and all sorts of inneresting stuff. Here's a sample (excuse my lousy screenshots)

I probably knew this about my writing already but maybe it'll be neat to watch it change (or not) if I really do that 1 month challenge. I have to wait till may though because it's already into April. The website is if you wanna give it a spinny roo.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a horse in a barn

Did a commission for a friend of cover art for his book of poetry. I'm getting paid in bowls of ice cream per hour. Made it with scratchboard and I just edited it a smidge to get that rosy color. I wonder how it'll look with Todd's stuff with it. I wonder what his poetry is like. We dated for one second, I wonder if I'll be referenced :D


Saturday, March 6, 2010

my hatroulette.

!!!! Look at this stunning gorgeous etc hat! I found it at a vintage store first picking it up with a giant question mark but then I put it on my head and then it turned into an exclamation mark and then a heart.

I also finished making a simple sack dress that looks horrible if you don't belt it. I accidentally hemmed it too much (note I had no iron at the time.... so someone suggested licking and pounding it. so I did. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID HYUCK HYUCK) so it just falls right off me. So I had to put scarf and vest over so my nana-nana's wouldn't spill all over the place.
Hung out my friend Jon and with the innnerweb aka the sensation Chatroulette. This guy had an impressive basement full of action figures.

This is what you get 90% of the time. Dicks left and right. Jon and I are pretending to be really into it.
Or 16 year olds asking to show them your titties. Rull charming.

planning to be a hep sailor

I went to this place called SCRAP in bayshore/hunter's point in San Francisco where I got tons and tons of hell of sick fabric. All together for only 5 buckeroonies! What a steal! So I want to start sewing more of me own clothes again.
Bought this pattern Etsy. I think I'll make a couple of cute dresses with this pattern. The sailor scout in my heart will never die.
One dress will be out of this velvety fabric and the collar will be the same material with just plain black.
I don't know if I'll necessarily use that lacy flowery fabric on the sailor dress but it will be this color scheme with one of those reds as the collar.

Have no idea what to do with this bb, but I couldn't pass it up.