Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I signed up for the Sketchbook Project and I'm pretty excited for it! My sketchbook along with hundreds of other people who are participating get their little sketchbook they provide to tour across the country as well as stay in a library for people to see and I think mine will be put on the innerwebs too. I haven't had a whole lotta time to work in because of how work demanding this semester has been. However I did take an old linoleum plate I had and instead of using ink, I used colored pencils to imprint on it as well as embellish a little. I dig it. I will do more of these I thinkcolored pencil vs


Friday, November 4, 2011

Julie Seltzer and me

My roommate Julie Seltzer had an installation had an art show! Well it was more like a party/show with a bunch of artists at a friend's warehouse (Ghostship). I won't get into too much details but at some point it was impossible to get in or out because of stampede at the door, and of course the cops came.

Hers are the three lovely big screenprints around and mine are the eensy ones in the middle. Apparently our artwork was defiled but it's okay, they were prints and our hearts are still okay.

Julie Seltzer:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brought to you by the humble life of a blobfish

I made it to my school's illustration department's spring show! I can't make it to see it but if ya wanna see The Academy of Art's spring show, I'd highly suggest it. We got some fabulous talent, oh boy. Here's the piece that made it in.

These other two didn't make it in but go along with the same project I did in Illustration 2 (a watercolor medium based class)