Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These are from my clothed figure painting classes. I've been slowly tidying up my flickr account (aka my portfolio) of all the bologna and stuff that really doesn't reflect what I want to do with my art. But I'm such a pact rat! Still life is so boring but I can't get myself to delete them yet. Maybe I'll make a seperate flickr that's attached to my website or something.

Anyways, my computer is in the intensive care unit at the mac doctor's. Hopefully he'll make it through. Because boy oh boy I was foolish and have not backed anything up on a hard drive. I knew eveeentually my computer would croak on me. Seeing how I could only spell words like onion and the desktop looks like my room. BUT ANYWAY, I mentioned the mac doctor because one of the genius's, I showed him my work and he said I should really try and get into this certain gallery SF Heist. So I really think I will. I mean whyyyyy not. The worst they could say is no. And maybe if this guy thought highly of me to recommend me going there, maybe I really do have a shot. OR MAYBE HE'S A BIG OLD SCHMOOZY LADY CHARMER whoooooo knoooooows.


Lillian said...

those Mac Genius's are often very SNEAKY lady charmers.

I have the great un-luck that my local mac genuis (small town, we only have one mac dude!) dated and cheated on my good friend and he is embarrassed to see me, so I have to CHASE him around best buy for at least 20 minutes to get him to help me.

velva kelly said...

Well ain't that a nuisance AND a dick!

Actually its funny that you say they're lady charmers. The guy who I talked to gave me his number and email if say, the other repair dude charges me he would fix it for free. He probably would require I give him an HJ atleast though or something hahahah